You Are Unique Your Medication Prescription Needs Are Too

What Is Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how your genetic fingerprint affects the way your body responds to prescribed medication.

Pharmacogenomics testing through Coastal Lab Partners enables your physician to identify medication and dosage based on your unique genetic fingerprint.

What Are The Available Options?

Tests are offered in four clinical categories, as well as one comprehensive panel to identify how your body absorbs and metabolizes specific medications.

  • Cardiology
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry
  • Urology
  • Comprehensive

Ask your physician which panel is right for you, based on medications you are currently taking, or prescriptions you may need.

How Is The Test Performed?

Your physician will obtain a cheek swab with a very simple and harmless procedure, and the sample is sent to our licensed laboratory for testing. Results are returned to your doctor's office, where you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit to review the findings. These results will help enable your doctor to identify the safest, most effective course of medication therapy based on your unique genetic fingerprint.

Why Is It Important To Me?

Because you are unique! ​Your Lab Partners' tests help identify how your body metabolizes medications, allowing your physician to personalize your prescriptions and tailor the dosage to meet your body's individual needs.

Knowing how your body will react to prescribed medication can help prevent harmful side effects and adverse drug reactions.

Will My Insurance Cover The Test?

We are committed to making pharmacogenomics testing accessible to all patients. In the event your insurance company does not cover the test, our representatives are available to work with you and your insurance company to obtain coverage. We also offer a financial assistance program to patients for whom this test is medically necessary.

Please contact us at 781.312.2266 should you require assistance with insurance coverage for this test.

What Are The Benefits Of Testing?

  • Improves medication safety and reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Enables your physician to personalize your medication treatment to meet your body's unique genetic make-up
  • Allows your physician to prescribe medication dosages for optimal efficacy

Coastal Lab Partners Solutions


Prescription Decision Support Analytics across entire patient populations


Geneticision Prescription Decision Support Analytics provides clinicians with a method for making genetically informed prescription decisions that will reduce Adverse Drug Effects (ADEs), reduce overall patient burden and reduce per capita patient costs while delivering better outcomes and increased performance scoring.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Advanced genetic sequencing services, ensuring accurate, timely, genetic intelligence

Next Generation Sequencing

Coastal Lab Partners utilizes the most advanced equipment, systems, workflows, and data analysis tools, ensuring that customers receive accurate data and reports. With Coastal Lab Partners, receive actionable data, comply with pharmacogenomics best practices, and make the right choices for your patients.


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Actionable Reports

Prescribe medications based on a patient's unique genetic makeup

Actionable Reports

Our actionable reports allow clinicians to base prescriptions on a patient’s unique genetic makeup, resulting in fewer side effects and optimized drug dosing.

Clinicians can modify medication lists - in real time - after reports have been provided, assuring that their pharmacogenomic data has value for the long term.


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