Your Patients Are All Unique. Your Medical Care Should Be Too.

When You Take The Time To Run A Pharmacogenomics Test

You can identify your patient's genetic make-up and determine the best course of treatment the first time around.

Upwards of 400,000 patients are admitted to hospitals each year due to Adverse Drug Reactions, and this can be reduced through Pharmacogenomics testing.

The Benefits Of Pharmacogenomics Testing

  • Improves medication safety and reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Enables you to personalize each patient's medication treatment to meet their body's unique genetic make-up
  • ​Allows you to prescribe medication dosages for optimal efficacy

Increase Your Patient Care

Find the right medication for your patient, at the right dosage, the first time around. Pharmacogenomics testing examines the alleles associated with commonly prescribed medications in four different panels, as well as one comprehensive panel:

  • Cardiology
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry
  • Urology
  • Comprehensive

Pharmacogenomics tests offer you a thorough look into which medications are best suited to each unique patient and their genetic needs. Additionally, Pharmacogenomics testing may be used in the selection of patients for clinical trials of new medications.

Coastal Lab Partners Solutions


Prescription Decision Support Analytics across entire patient populations


Geneticision Prescription Decision Support Analytics provides clinicians with a method for making genetically informed prescription decisions that will reduce Adverse Drug Effects (ADEs), reduce overall patient burden and reduce per capita patient costs while delivering better outcomes and increased performance scoring.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Advanced genetic sequencing services, ensuring accurate, timely, genetic intelligence

Next Generation Sequencing

Coastal Lab Partners utilizes the most advanced equipment, systems, workflows, and data analysis tools, ensuring that customers receive accurate data and reports. With Coastal Lab Partners, receive actionable data, comply with pharmacogenomics best practices, and make the right choices for your patients.


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Actionable Reports

Prescribe medications based on a patient's unique genetic makeup

Actionable Reports

Our actionable reports allow clinicians to base prescriptions on a patient’s unique genetic makeup, resulting in fewer side effects and optimized drug dosing.

Clinicians can modify medication lists - in real time - after reports have been provided, assuring that their pharmacogenomic data has value for the long term.


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